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Jennifer Burke, OTR/L

Jennifer Burke, OTR/L  has over 25 years of experience working with children, teens and adults with chronic biological conditions effecting both emotional and physical health.

Jennifer has unique training and personal experiences that allow her to look through the lens of a patient with a chronic illness; of a parent with a child in crisis; a marital partner, school therapist, medical rehabilitation professional, holistic practitioner, support group leader, and as a general person “In the Knowing” of what’s it like!

She intuitively guides people through mental and physical experiences of self-awareness, and focuses on education and consultation towards self- management, self-advocacy and affordable, sustainable solutions for each person’s journey towards a greater quality of life.

Jennifer is known for being well versed in both conventional and complimentary alternative treatments and uses a variety of tools, technology and commercial products for symptoms such as pain, migraines, fatigue, sleep problems, depression/anxiety, sensory issues, ergonomics, and the prevention/restoration of joint deformities.

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