Creative Health Solutions - Strategies for Managing Chronic Pain and Fatigue
Comprehensive Evaluation of
   • biomechanical status (range of motion, strength, location of pain, presence of trigger points, demands on postural system, and  general functional abilities)
    • life role and lifestyle demands, sleep integrety, level of exertional tolerance, and co-morbid symptom involvement.
    • present strategies used for symptom management including the availability of a health care team and self advocacy skills.
    • sensory system as it relates to environmental sensitivities, 
    fatigue, mood, and general stress.

Treatment focus is on collaborative decision making for appropriate  implementation of new activities and modification of present activities of daily living; including self utilization of best practice strategies, tools and equipment, and health care resources, for an improved sense of control, functionality,and quality of life.

Trial of FDA approved tools for self management of pain include:
    Cold Lazers
    LED Light Therapy
    Pulsed magnetic current
    Microcurrents (TENS, Alpha-stim)
  as well as:
    Various myofascial release tools
    Percussive vibration 
    Contrast temperature techniques and equipment
    Pivot postural system, Mackenzie, and foam roller equipment
    Sacrowedgy and Neck Re-lease devices
    Stretching assist tools
    Ergonomic seating and other functional devices
    Plantar fascitis solutions
    Deep pressure protocols for sensory adaptation
    Progressive relaxation
    Mindfulness techniques
    Sleep hygiene strategies
*CHS has no and receives no financial gain for recommendation or sales of products.   

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